We want to make your laundry experience as seamless as possible. Have a question? Check out our FAQ’s below, or contact us directly.


Do you own and operate your own cleaning facility?

Yes, absolutely. We own and operate our very own cleaning production facility in Northern Virginia.

How are my clothes handled?

We handle every aspect of the cleaning process. We use a tried-and-true 7-point inspection for each garment (including looking for missing buttons, loose hems, etc).

How do I get a Dryy Garment Care bag?

Sign up for our service, place your first order with any bag and your garments will be returned with your branded Dryy Garment Care bag for future orders. Free of charge!

Do you have a minimum order size?

The wash + fold minimum order size is 12 pounds. There is no minimum order size for dry cleaning.

Are your services eco-friendly?

Yes, we proudly use Green Earth cleaning products to ensure safety for the environment, health for our customers, and care of their clothing. The Green Cleaner’s Council certified us with a 4-Leaf designation making us the #1 Green Cleaner in the DMV area.

What do I do with my extra hangers and garment covers?

Reuse and recycling is core to our culture. We reuse all metal hangers, please send any unwanted hangers back with your next order.

Our garment covers are 100% recyclable and can be placed in your “at home” recycling bin. Alternatively, you may send them back with your next order and we will recycle.

Pickup + Delivery

Do you offer real time Pickup + Delivery notifications?

Yes, we offer state-of-the-art communication providing you “in the moment” delivery status. You know your garments have been delivered long before you arrive home.

What is the turnaround time on getting my order back?

The standard turnaround time on all orders is 2-3 business days depending on the delivery location. Next day or same day service can be pre-arranged depending on location.

Do I have to be home for a pick up or delivery?

No, only if you prefer to be.

For Home Customers

Leave Outside—Place Dryy garment bag we provide next to your front door, or any other area you designate, and we will deliver them back to you in the same spot. With no interruption to your privacy.

Knock or Ring—We can add a personal touch by retrieving your order in person and delivering them back in person. Should you not be home at delivery, we will leave your clean garments in a secure position and protected from the elements.

For Multifamily Residential Customers

Concierge—Leave your Dryy garment bag with your concierge team. We will drop off at the concierge desk.

How do I pay for my orders?

Provide your credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express) when you sign up for our services. Each subsequent order will be charged to that same card upon delivery, and an itemized receipt will accompany your order.

How do I indicate my preferences?

Specify your preferences with your order by including a note in your garment bag or by adding them to the “special instructions” field when placing your order online.

Dryy Drop Lockers

How do I drop off my first dry cleaning or wash + fold locker order?

Use any bag(s) to separate dry cleaning from laundry, pop your bag(s) into an open locker, and follow the steps on the outside of the Dryy Drop locker to lock it. Place the order through the Dryy Drop app and we will notify you when your clean garments are ready to pick up from your lockers. Expect to receive a new garment bag with your returned garments.

After I place my order when should I expect it back?

Our lockers generally support a 2-3 day turnaround for standard services. Conveniently refer to the schedule on your lockers for pick up and drop off times.

What happens if I am out of town and I leave my laundry in a locker for more than 48 hours after it is ready?

Since we provide quick service, we recommend that you wait to place your clothes in a locker when you know you will be able to pick them up. Unclaimed items may be removed from the locker by Dryy and put into storage in order to prepare the locker for other customers. Refer to our Terms + Conditions on ​Unclaimed Items​ for more info.

How do I enter my billing information?

Credit card payment information can be managed in the Dryy Drop app under the Settings tab. Be sure to input your payment information before or when you make your first locker order otherwise the order will not be able to be processed.

How do I indicate cleaning preferences for a locker order?

Specify your cleaning preferences in the Dryy Drop app under the Preferences tab or by including a note with your order in your bag. We will keep these special instructions on file for future orders.


What do I do if one of my garments is damaged or goes missing?

We have strict processes in place to track and to ensure safe handling of your items, but we realize mistakes sometimes happen. If an issue arises, please get in touch with us immediately at ​[email protected]​. We are dedicated to making sure your garment care experience is top notch.

Why is there a barcode on my garment?

These barcodes are a security feature that allow Dryy to track your garments to help ensure they are not lost and that you are billed consistently. The barcodes are heat-sealed in an inconspicuous spot. They are non-permanent and will not damage your garment. We offer an alternative option to use a paper tag system upon request.

Do you charge more for cleaning a women’s blouse than a men’s shirt?

No, we find this practice discriminatory and unethical. The cleaning cost is solely dependent on the process needed to properly clean and care for each garment, which is largely determined by the garment’s fabric, and manufacturer’s care label.


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