We’re clothes minded.

Dryy is a fresh take on traditional dry cleaning and laundry services. Passionate about customer experience, we practice green cleaning and always provide free delivery.

Why Dryy?

Unlike other services, Dryy is more than a middleman between customer and cleaner. We handle every aspect of garment care and cleaning at our own local facility. That means we are accountable for every detail and can customize your garment care experience, from drop-off to completion.

Closeup of light gray suit.

Clean Conscience

We proudly use GreenEarth Cleaning products to ensure safety for the environment, health for our customers, and care of their clothing. We have been awarded the Green Cleaners Council's highest ranking for being the most eco-friendly cleaner in the region.


Safe for Environment


Safe for People

Shirt on hanger.

Safe for Clothes


Our facility.

All garment care is handled at our privately-owned, eco-friendly facility located in Northern Virginia. Our passionate staff of cleaners, service team members, and drivers are dedicated to providing exceptional and timely service to fit your schedule.

Work with Dryy

Whether we install Dryy Drop lockers or partner via traditional concierge style service, we have a long history of proven property benefits. Surveyed residents say they are more satisfied and more likely to renew their leases, when their properties have an amenity package that includes Dryy Drop lockers or concierge service.

Concierge pickup service is available immediately and locker installation is a seamless, no-cost process. We know that resident engagement is essential so we coordinate kick-off events and community outreach for new Dryy amenities.

Join the Dryy Team

Dryy Garment Care is redefining the garment care experience. Our company culture is built on the dedication, innovation, and spirit of our diverse team.

We are always interested in meeting positive, potential team members to help us grow and impact the industry we serve. If you have professional interests in joining our growing company please see our available opportunities.